Traditional filters have proved inadequate!

MossHydro was established to provide BWTS suppliers with reliable filters based on highly automated manufacturing capacity and filtration expertise.
MossHydro supplies filter housings made from Duplex stainless steel.
MossHydro’s aim is to exceed customer’s expectations for quality, reliability and performance.

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Traditional filters have proved inadequate for filtering Ballast Water...

Ballast Water Treatment is extremely challenging.

Filters are a key component in most Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS). But field tests and operational experiences show that many of the existing filters have inadequate self-cleaning abilities, resulting in serious clogging problems. This may cause:

  • Significant unexpected downtime – increasing costs.
  • Unscheduled maintenance.
  • Higher energy costs.
  • Inadequate water treatment with risk of severe downstream process failures.

A few BWTS suppliers promote systems without filters. Instead, they depend heavily on chemicals and electrochemical processes which may cause new environmental problems. However, many operators prefer a chemical-free BWTS.