Traditional filters have proved inadequate!

MossHydro was established to provide BWTS suppliers with reliable filters based on highly automated manufacturing capacity and filtration expertise.
MossHydro supplies filter housings made from Duplex stainless steel.
MossHydro’s aim is to exceed customer’s expectations for quality, reliability and performance.

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One housing - Large capacity!

The founders of MossHydro saw the market’s need to develop filters with large capacity and high quality – without compromising on functionality or reliability.

MossHydro has successfully developed, manufactured and performed extensive full-scale testing of a 3.200 m3/hr prototype filter.

This has resulted in an evolution from prototype coated carbon steel housings, manually produced, to Duplex stainless steel based on automated and robotized manufacturing.

Unique MossHydro patent-pending in-line multiple screen single housing.

  • Ultra compact: Reduced footprint, height and weight.
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation.
  • Handles flow rates from 1.500 m3/hr and higher.
  • The backwash self-cleaning sequence can be adapted to a wide range of operational conditions.
  • Also available for installation in gas hazardous (Ex) areas.
  • Multiple housings on common manifold in pairs or in a battery.

  • Inlet flange position for horizontal or vertical installation.

  • Alternatives for positioning of the outlet flange.

  • Alternatives for positioning of the backwash valve.

Filter Screen

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Single Screen

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