Traditional filters have proved inadequate!

MossHydro was established to provide BWTS suppliers with reliable filters based on highly automated manufacturing capacity and filtration expertise.
MossHydro supplies filter housings made from Duplex stainless steel.
MossHydro’s aim is to exceed customer’s expectations for quality, reliability and performance.

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Highly robotized and automated manufacturing

MossHydro competitive edge

  • Robotized manufacturing enables extraordinary precision with high tolerances, high welding quality and consistency.

  • Delivery capacity meeting any customer demand.

  • MossHydro filters – a new dimension in filter quality and built for the lifetime of the ship.

Established in 1932 and family owned for 3 generations. The production facility used by MossHydro covers 20.000 m2 and employs some 200 workers.

The factory has manufactured 3 million pressure vessels. The world’s first serial production facility for stainless steel pressure vessels - operating for more than 40 years.

It is one of Scandinavia’s most modern and efficient environmental friendly factories with unmatched daily production capacity for filter housings.

Over the decades the factory has received Nordic awards for exceptional environmental efforts.

High-volume producer dedicated to Stainless Steel pressure vessels

MossHydro offers mass production capacity

Securing delivery ability to an emerging and rapidly growing market

Short production time – safeguarding our ability to meet the strictest deadlines